June 14, 2016 taxitime

myGov accounts and ATO

Recently we have had a few clients contact us because they have not received their Notice of Assessment or Business Activity Statement. Upon review we have found that these clients have set up a myGov account and have included the ATO as one of the linked services.

If you have set up a myGov account and have linked the ATO, you have agreed to receive ATO correspondence via your myGov Inbox rather than having that correspondence come to Paris Financial, your tax agent. The types of ATO correspondence you may receive in your myGov Inbox include:

  • Notices, such as your Notice of Assessment
  • Statements of account
  • Confirmation and reminder notices
  • Business Activity Statements and Instalment Activity Statements

As we will no longer receive this correspondence on your behalf, it is essential you monitor your myGov Inbox regularly. The ATO state they will notify you by SMS or email if anything has been delivered to your inbox, however we urge you to access your inbox frequently to ensure you do not miss important correspondence or payment/lodgement deadlines.

Once you have linked the ATO to your myGov account it is not possible to change your mail delivery preference back to Paris Financial. ATO correspondence will go automatically to your inbox unless you unlink the accounts. However, you may have set up a myGov account but not linked the ATO, in this case, your mail preference and delivery method will remain unchanged and we will continue to receive, review and forward ATO correspondence as usual.

To remove the ATO from your myGov account:

  • Go to the Services <image002.png>page
  • Select the unlink <image003.png> icon next to the ATO service you wish to remove.

Unlinking the ATO service means you will no longer be able to use your ATO online account and the previous address where notices were sent will be restored meaning that your correspondence will start coming to Paris Financial once again.

If you do not have a myGov account, your mail preference and delivery method will also remain unchanged. We will continue to receive, review and forward ATO correspondence as usual and you can ignore this email.

Please do not hesitate to contact the office 03 8393 1000 if you have any queries or need any assistance.

Rebecca Mackie, Partner, Paris Financial

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