June 12, 2018 Pat Mannix

Do you have enough Knocked Up?

Do you have enough knocked up? If you’re running a service business, a white collar business, and it’s growing, you’re going to have pregnant women in the workplace. Women who are going to get pregnant. They’re going to go off and have babies. They’re going to get knocked up. It’s just the amount of pregnant women and mothers you have, which is the key. You need enough ladies to cover off on the work that needs to be done. Pregnant women or soon-to-be pregnant women are an absolute positive for a white collar business, so embrace it. They’re most likely at a very good stage of their career where they’ve got university qualifications and postgraduate qualifications. They have probably got some experience with your business, maybe a couple of years, and then they fall pregnant. Celebrate! Enjoy it with them. They are starting their family or they’re off to have their second baby.

For you as the employer, you just need enough family ready women. So have you got enough knocked up? Because if you’ve got one lady out there having a baby, she may come back in 12 months, 18 months, or she may not come back at all. However, it’s most likely these days that women want to come back to work three or four days a week, and they are absolute guns. They are responsible people, at the right stage of their career if you’re running a service-based business.

In fact, recently I was speaking to one of our partners, and there was a lady out there we were trying to attract to the firm. It just had to be the right time, so I spoke to the partner and said, “Let’s have a chat to this person and see where they’re at.” We had about a week’s time, and the partner said to me, “Listen, she’s about nine weeks pregnant.” I said, “Great. Let’s get her in.” She came in, interviewed, pregnant, no problem at all, because when she goes off to have bubs, we’ve got another one of our ladies coming back to work.

Now we’re an equal opportunity employer. Heaven forbid we’d go out and look for ladies who are knocked up. That wouldn’t be equal opportunity, would it, to the fellows out there and the ladies who are not having kids or they are too young or old? All I’m saying is, if you’ve got some ladies who are pregnant or going to get pregnant in your business – be positive about it. They’re about to start families.

So in summary, if they’re knocked up, fine. It does take some quality Human Resources skills and it can be a bit of a roller coaster at times. At the end of the day, the ladies getting pregnant are probably in a great stage of their career, they will most likely stay with the firm, live locally, and likely to be incredibly loyal people… which is my experience at Paris Financial.

Be positive. Don’t worry if they’re knocked up, and they will deliver well after they’ve delivered.

Pat Mannix, Partner, Paris Financial

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Pat Mannix

Pat Mannix champions small business people. Owning and running his own financial services firm for over 20 years, Pat is an expert in small business tax, property investors and high net worth families via trust structures and SMSF's.

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