Month: October 2018

Small Business Tax Advice, Tax Champion

The Software You Should Be Using For Your Businesses Finances

One tip that will make a key difference.

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Living Estate Planning, Strategic Financial Advice

Stop Your Kids From Blowing Their Inheritance

It is often forgotten that a financial education is vital for children to be certain that they will cope and succeed in their future years.

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Allied Health, Tax Champion

Allied Health: Keep Your Software Separate

My advice for anybody looking at industry software for allied health, is to look for something cloud based.

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Community Support

Superannuation Requirements For Temporary Residents

Most people are unaware that temporary residents working in Australia are eligible for super guarantee (SG). It is vital that all businesses who employ temporary residents are aware of the relevant super requirements.

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Small Business Tax, Small Business Tax Advice, Tax Champion

Single Touch Payroll (and all the surrounding panic) Is Here

My message to business owners is take a chill pill. All will be sorted.

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Lending & Finance, Tax Champion

How The Banks Work On Disloyalty

This is the truth behind Australia’s banks. Is it time you got yourself a mortgage broker?

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Property, Property, Tax Champion

Our Property Expert, Bec Mackie

Bec Mackie is our property expert. Her knowledge of the current housing environment, combined with an all encompassing understanding of property tax requirements, ultimately ensures that you can achieve your financial potential.

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Community Support, Strategic Financial Advice

Cash Payments Are Holding Your Business Back

In a world that’s raining credit cards, a ‘cash only’ sign will leave your business dry…

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Blog, Strategic Financial Advice

$50 Billion Wiped From ASX, Shares Plunge

Australian shares plunged to their worst performance in eight months yesterday, wiping $50 billion from the ASX as markets sold off worldwide.

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Living Estate Planning

Gifting Shares To Charity In Your Will

When preparing a Will, people often contemplate gifting money to charity, but have you ever thought about gifting shares after you pass away?

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Tax Champion, The Killer Series

The Killer: BEPS

This might be the least cheery you’ve ever seen the Tax Champion…

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Exit Strategy, Tax Champion

Always Start With The End In Mind

If it all comes burning down, what’s your escape plan? You need one!

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