We determine the Finance Solution that will align with your Goals.

Paris Lending Pty Ltd has a large number of lenders, which allows our lending professionals to provide a greater choice and the most competitive rates, commitment and support.


Home Loans

We have access to over 30 lenders enabling our lending and finance champions to provide our clients with choice and competitive rates. What sets our team apart is our ability to service loans in complex trust structures, requiring vast attention to detail and exceptional client service.

Commercial Loans

When you’re looking to buy a commercial property, purchase your own business premises or need finance to aid with the expansion and future growth of your business, a Paris Lending professional can assist.

Business Finance Consulting

We have a wealth of experience managing business clients and securing business finance. What makes us different is that our knowledge allows us to cut through bank jargon and work to secure you the most competitive finance.

Equipment & Vehicle Finance

Whether it be lease, commercial hire purchase or chattel mortgage, the Paris Lending team can assist you with your lending requirements. Don’t get put on the spot and end up paying far more than you should. Paris Lending Pty Ltd can provide highly competitive rates and superior service.


Reviewing your home loan every now and then is a clever idea. It’s likely your needs and financial situation have changed. Refinancing may offer different loan features and a more competitive interest rate.

SMSF Loans

SMSF Loans are notoriously complex loans. Paris Lending Pty Ltd has been providing SMSF Loans for clients for several years now; our knowledge sets us apart and ensures that your lending experience with us runs smoothly.


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