Author: Andrew Bragg

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The ATO tightens the reigns on Crypto transactions as the data-matching program is locked in

As the ATO data matching program ramps up, Australians who have invested in cryptocurrency will no longer be able to conceal their transactions from the ATO to avoid paying tax.

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ATO sheds light on crypto compliance focus

The Australian Tax Office has issued guidance on accurately accounting cryptocurrency transactions during tax time. It noted that it will be looking to make sure that all crypto capital gains are reported correctly.

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The Tax Handling of Cryptocurrencies in Australia

Cryptocurrency has been the term on everyone’s mind lately, the ATO is figuring out how to be sure that investors and traders aren’t dodging their taxation responsibilities.

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ATO’s good-faith approach to crypto won’t last much longer

The ATO has upheld its good-faith approach to the accounting of cryptocurrencies, however it isn’t likely to last much longer.

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Covid 19 School Lockdowns And Remote Working. Stressed Man Trying To Work From Home With Bored Son

Working from home as an employee – what can I claim?

Times are changing from day to day, are you one the fortunate people who are able to continue in employment and work from home?

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Should cryptocurrency investors have a SMSF?

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) are currently the fastest growing sector within the superannuation industry.

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What business structure is best for cryptocurrency investors?

There are a variety of business structures available in Australia, and each can make a significant difference to your future.

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Are You A Cryptocurrency Consumer, Investor Or Trader?

For tax purposes, it is very important to know what category your cryptocurrency activity falls within.

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