YES, as an allied health professional you too have to face your own mortality.

You are not exempt so make sure that you have these plans in place in case the unthinkable happens.

It is now easier than every before, for people not named in a Will to claim against a deceased estate.

Our job is to engage quality solicitors to make sure your Will is written to minimise adverse claims and to ensure that they are administered the way you want…according to your wishes, quickly and not depleted by taxes.

As professionals who understand your family structure and your profession, we can cater to all your needs, with regards to basic Will and powers of attorney matters to more advanced requirements such as death benefit nomination forms for your Self-Managed Superannuation Fund and testamentary trusts for more intricate family estate planning. In any case, you can relax in knowing your affairs are setup correctly and under control.

In addition, Darren Foster, our financial advisor, can provide information about buy/sell agreements, a vitally important planning tool for any allied health professional in Partnership. Now not only will your loved ones be looked after but with buy/sell agreements your business partners will be protected too, having control on the direction of the practice.