Can I build a property a property portfolio inside my super?How can we secure our family's lifestyle?What retirement income can I look forward to?How can I legally reduce my tax?Is it time to review my investments?How can I exit my business?
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The majority of property investors look forward to tax time, gathering their information together as quickly as possible so they can get in to see their accountant and receive their tax refunds from their negatively geared properties, but what if I told you that you didn’t need to wait until tax time to get this money?

Do you have your Estate Planning up-to-date?

Long gone are the days of preparing a will and locking it away in the safe or bottom drawer! Whether it be at the completion of this years’ tax return, or when you change the batteries in the smoke detector, every year you should dust off your estate plan and update it for the inevitable changes that most likely will be needed.

Trusts  You Must have a Corporate Trustee

he last 3 decades have seen a substantial growth in the number of people in Australia establishing trusts. The benefits of such an arrangement have been largely touted by professionals around 2 areas - asset protection and tax benefits.

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