Sole Trader Structure

Are you thinking about becoming a sole trader? Want to know the advantages & disadvantages of setting up as a sole trader structure?

Being a sole trader has its benefits, but how do you know when its time to move to a different business structure? If you’re operating as a sole trader you need to be aware of ‘unlimited liability’ and how that effects you.

Paper Gold

Paper Gold – the artistry of accounting. Find out how Franking Credits (Paper Gold) can continue to benefit you long after your business has been sold.

2020 Budget Tax Cuts for Small Business & More

Learn about the new Budget Tax Cuts coming into effect, temporary write off’s, small business budget changes and more.
If your business was hit hard during the pandemic, stick around to find out how to bounce back using tax offsets.

Victorian Lockdown Cash Boost

JobKeeper 2.0 V2

On 4 January 2021, the JobKeeper scheme will transition into its third installment.
It is important to keep up-to-date and aware of the changes that are being made within the JobKeeper schemes.

JobKeeper 2.0

JobKeeper 1.0 was set to discontinue after September 2020, however the second wave of the Coronavirus means that the Government has come out with a second wave – JobKeeper 2.0.
JobKeeper 2.0 has some significant changes to the level of support for the December and March quarters. Find out what changes you need to be aware of..

Melbourne Lock-down Benefits

Melbourne has gone into Stage 4 lock-down making it even tougher for businesses to survive the next six weeks. Find out what steps you need to take to be eligible for the Government’s $10,000 grant.

The Little Disaster

There is nothing more crucial to a business than a good structure. Get it wrong, and you could end up with a disaster.

Government Extends $150k New Asset Deduction

The Government has extended the $150,000 immediate deduction for new assets all the way until December 2020. Understanding which financial year would be best for you to make this purchase is key.

JobKeeper May Administration & Update

The month of May has ended and businesses need to get their report in by 14 June 2020, but what about the bigger picture? The Government has to do a huge review at the end of the month – and it might impact you!

Job Keeper Registration Cut Off

The registration cut off date to apply for Job Keeper is fast approaching. If you have not applied for Job Keeper by the end of May, you may miss out completely.


Job Keeper Predictions for Small Business

Job Keeper is a tremendous help to small business at this time of crisis, but how will the future look after Job Keeper has ended?
It is important to be aware of the potential future hardships your business will face, and the hard decisions that come with them.

C Reputation Evolution

Reputation Revolution with Trevor Young

Tune in to this episode of Reputation Revolution featuring Pat Mannix as they discuss how Paris Financial became the Small Business Tax Champions.