The Best Business Owners Always Take Responsibility

It’s all your fault, and the sooner you accept that, the better.

Financial Planning Has Changed For The Better

The ugly history of financial planning is making a turn for the best.

Tax Office Scams Reach All Time High

If you receive a suspicious phone call from the tax office, don’t panic.

What We Call A Bad Dude Trust

Every now and then, we get some clients who are quite colourful characters.

New Investment Property? Speak To Your Accountant

They know the best strategies to save money on your new investment.

Keep It Complex Stupid

An acronym we take very seriously at Paris Financial.

Tax Office Are Discovering Dodgy Claims

When lodging your individual return, expect to be caught for anything dodgy.

The Difference Between Income Tax and Instalment Tax

Make a choice depending on what suits you and your business best.

Falling Behind In Your Returns?

There is no need to panic if you are years behind in your tax returns. We can help.

New Investment Property? Speak To Your Accountant

Never purchase a property without strategising with your accountant first.

Property Investors – What The ATO Are Targeting In 2019

Now that property investors make up 8% of the Australian population, the ATO are cracking down on all over-claiming and false claims.

Modern Economy – What The ATO Are Watching In 2019

Cryptocurrency investors. Ride-share operators. Online holiday home renters. YOU are being watched by the tax office!