Can I build a property a property portfolio inside my super?How can we secure our family's lifestyle?What retirement income can I look forward to?How can I legally reduce my tax?Is it time to review my investments?How can I exit my business?
Budget changes to depreciation for investment properties

The latest federal budget has seen changes to the way property investors can claim depreciation. This will potentially cost investors thousands, although it is yet to be legislated.

Wage increases less than 2 months away Ė donít be caught out and always protect your Capital!

Accountant found to be an accessory for “wilful blindness” towards underpaid employees. In a precedent-setting decision by the Federal Circuit Court, an accountancy firm has been found accessorily liable for the underpayments of the employees of one of its clients.

Estate Planning & Land Tax

Deceased estates and Stamp duty - the transfer of property in accordance with the terms of a will or codicil is subject to stamp duty unless an exemption is available and section 42 of the Duties Act in Victoria exempts certain transfers of dutiable property where ...

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