Can I build a property a property portfolio inside my super?How can we secure our family's lifestyle?What retirement income can I look forward to?How can I legally reduce my tax?Is it time to review my investments?How can I exit my business?
Confused about home loan pre approvals? Follow these four steps

Ready to buy a property? You’ll need to show the seller you have enough money. For most people, this will mean getting a loan, and the first step to getting one is obtaining pre-approval for it.

5 reasons you should get a business valuation BEFORE buying

Buying into an allied health practice is a huge investment for your future with considerable personal risk for yourself. Given the size of the investment and risk a business valuation is highly recommended for many reasons, including these I have listed below:


No tax on death: fact or fiction?

Death itself does not create a tax liability, however what happens to the assets after you die could result in a tax bill. Creating a will or becoming a beneficiary of one may appear to be more straight than you thought, but the reality is the tax man could take a large bite out of your estate or inheritance.

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