The Balancing Act Budget Federal Budget 2021 22

2021-22 Federal Budget – The Balancing Act Budget

There’s something for everyone in the 2021-22 Federal Budget!

Big Cash Flow for Business Investments in Assets, Reduced Company Tax Rate, Low Income Offset to Continue, Residency Rules more objective, Positive Superannuation Changes and more.

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  • From 1st July 2021 – Company tax rate lowers from 26% – 25% for the 2022 tax year.
  • Temporary full expensing extended.
  • Carry back losses extended from 2019 – June 2023.
  • Employee share scheme changes.
  • Low and middle income tax offset breaks extended for another year.
  • Residency individual tax changes
  • Continuation to contribute non-concessional amounts to their superannuation for those aged 67-74 from 1st July 2022.
  • Government extends access to downsizer contribution.

We love tax and love presenting the budget each year! If you’d like to have a chat about any of the information presented in this video, chat to one of our friendly tax champions at Paris Financial.

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