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How Do I Declare My Income As An Influencer?

As an Influencer, it’s important that you declare your assessable income from all sources that it has obtained from which includes income made through endorsements, sponsorships and non-cash benefits. If income is not correctly reported, this can become an issue that may trigger ATO audits.

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Trading Trust Structure | Could This Be The Right Structure For You?

Pat Mannix from Paris Financial talks about Trading Trust Structures and gives a great example of a clients situation he had come across. Could a Trading Trust Structure be the right structure for you? Come and chat to the Small Business Tax Champions at Paris Financial!

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Mental Health Support for Business Owners

Running a business can be an isolating experience. And, with COVID-19 lockdowns and disruptions to trade, the pressure can be intense.

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Victorian Small Business Covid 19 Hardship Grant | Are You Eligible?

Are you eligible for the current Victorian Small Business Covid-19 Hardship Grant? Pat Mannix of Paris Financial chats about the grants of $14,000 available to eligible small and medium businesses.

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Cryptocurrency Tax 2021 | What are the ATO Targeting this Year? | Cryptotax with Andrew Bragg

The ATO is targeting the cryptocurrency investors and traders in their 2021 tax. Pat chats about the Cryptotax Number One tax advisor Andrew Bragg and the most recent news for those with cryptocurrencies. Check out this video for more!

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The ATO Have an Eye on Deductions Claimed in the 2021 Tax | What you Need to be Aware of

What are the ATO looking at in the 2021 tax returns? They are chasing cryptocurrency investors and traders; they are also looking at the deductions claimed on individual tax returns including car expenses and home office expenses. Check out this informative video from Pat Mannix, Partner at Paris Financial for more!

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Melbourne Lockdown 4.0 Government Grants. What Benefits Could You Be Entitled To?

Welcome back to the tax champions! In this video, Pat Mannix of Paris Financial chats about the good and the bad oil of what’s happening in our state right now, and what grants you could be entitled to!

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Superannuation Update – SGC is increasing to 10% on 1 July 2021

When the compulsory SG contribution payments are increased to 10%, you will need to alter your payroll systems to pay the new increased rate to your eligible employees.

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From the Trenches Podcast: Pat Mannix chats about Trusts, SMSF’s & the comparison of service between Cotchy Vs Xero

Like most accountants, Pat Mannix is passionate about what matters to his business, and his clients.
In this ‘From the Trenches’ podcast, he chats about: the benefits of Family Trusts, accountants advising on SMSF’s and the service clients get.

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Trading Company Structure – Advantages & Disadvantages

Are you thinking about setting up a Company Structure? Let’s look at the pros & cons to consider when establishing a Trading Company Structure and the tax benefits associated.

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2021 Annual Federal Budget Tax Changes

Budget 2021 – There’s something for everyone! Big Cash Flow for Business Investments in Assets, Reduced Company Tax Rate, Low Income Offset to Continue, Residency Rules more objective, Positive Superannuation Changes and more! Pat Mannix of Paris Financial chats about what you need to know from the 2021 Budget.

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Pm Business Bustup
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Business Bust-up

One thing that is nearly as awful as getting divorced from your spouse, is to go through a toxic business break up. There are a number of key reasons that cause business separations which arise time and again.

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