All businesses will require a Market Valuation on occasions of new Partners being admitted or other Partners divesting so to have a firm committed to understanding your business and how it is valued is another important service that we offer at Paris Financial.

There are also occasions where you, and your Partners, want to sell the whole practice to others and this will also require a valuation. There are a number of ways to value businesses and we are skilled in identifying what method is best used to value your business.

The three main methods that we use are:

  1. A percentage of the Turnover of the business (for small businesses)
  2. Discounted Cash Flows method (for fast growing businesses, rarely used)
  3. Multiple of Normalised EBIT (Earnings Before Interest and Tax)

The method which is used to value your business will be determined by a number of factors. These will be assessed by a qualified valuer here at Paris Financial.