Property & SMSF Loans

SMSF Loans are when your Self-Managed Superannuation Fund buys geared property via a loan which includes the title of the property being in a Bare Trust. This is an achievable and ideal structure for Allied Health professionals including Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Podiatrists.

Now, this sounds extremely complicated and confusing, however if you cut through the complexity, and concentrate on the advantages of this structure you will find the most asset protected, tax effective, strategic structure for those wanting a quality edge in their wealth accumulation.

So what are those advantages? Try these and see what you think:

  1. Gearing your own business property into a structure that when sold later in life will be tax free.
  2. So that’s receiving compound capital growth on a property that is tax free and if sold before retirement but after 12 months the tax rate is 10%.
  3. Rental Income on the property you work out of is taxed at 15%.
  4. Rental Income received from the property if you are semi retired or retired is tax free.
  5. The lease on the property and rent charged is set by yourself so although it needs to be commercial in your local area there is a range here that you can work with.
  6. The property is totally asset protected from your business.
  7. Loan Repayments are taxed at 15%, outside of a property warrant structure Loan Repayments are taxed on average at 25-30%.
  8. Selling the business – this gives you the flexibility to hold onto the premises and continue to earn a rental income, or sell the premises at the same time or a later date.

These advantages give our key clients who run their business out of their chosen premises, a real edge. Allowing them to reach their long term wealth accumulation goals faster.

Paris Financial can also advise you on how the purchase of a commercial or residential property (for business premises) can be structured in a SMSF loan product so that it will give you all these tax and asset protection advantages. This maybe one of your preferences when we are developing your long term wealth strategy and again this is leading edge advice for those allied health professionals who are serious about setting their financial independence and wealth goals high.

Our in-house Lending and Finance Manager, Linda Hamilton, is very experienced in these complicated loan transactions, and well placed to assist you with the specialised financing required within this structure.