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What now? Unwinding the Pandemic

A business operator has the ability now to refuse entry or service to a customer as long as anti-discrimination rules are not breached. Excluding an individual by vaccination status without a public health order however will be a question of whether the rule is reasonable, necessary, and proportionate.

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ATO update on tax claims for NANE COVID-19 payments

According to new guidelines issued by the Australian Taxation Office, small businesses that pay accountants or bookkeepers to apply for tax-exempt COVID-19 grants on their behalf will not be able to claim tax relief for the service.

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Victorian Small Business Covid 19 Hardship Grant | Are You Eligible?

Are you eligible for the current Victorian Small Business Covid-19 Hardship Grant? Pat Mannix of Paris Financial chats about the grants of $14,000 available to eligible small and medium businesses.

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Melbourne Lockdown 4.0 Government Grants. What Benefits Could You Be Entitled To?

Welcome back to the tax champions! In this video, Pat Mannix of Paris Financial chats about the good and the bad oil of what’s happening in our state right now, and what grants you could be entitled to!

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Sole Trader Structure

Are you thinking about becoming a sole trader? Want to know the advantages & disadvantages of setting up as a sole trader structure?

Being a sole trader has its benefits, but how do you know when its time to move to a different business structure? If you’re operating as a sole trader you need to be aware of ‘unlimited liability’ and how that effects you.

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The Killer Revealed

The killer is multinational corporate tax rates. Do you know why? Because they are ZERO, and if a multinational isn’t on ZERO income tax rate, they are close to ZERO. It’s an absolute disgrace these multinational companies paying ZERO tax.

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Budget 2018 The Wrap

Budget night – here’s the wrap for small business, brought to you by the Tax Champion and Paris Financial, so here we go…

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Real Knowledge

Tax Champion will provide Real Knowledge for small business in easy to understand lingo. We implement all these tax saving strategies in our own 40 yr old family business. Tune in via a You Tube subscription and we’ll keep the Real info flowing. Now time to go and see the Pies eaten alive by the […]

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The Great Australian Nightmare Series

The Great Australian Nightmare – Episode 1

The Great Australian Nightmare is when a person with a growing small business decides to pay off their home loan and chase the Great Australian Dream. In most cases they are inadvertently paying 100’s and 1000’s too much in tax and there’s nothing sweet about that. They should be thinking the opposite. DON’T pay off […]

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Don’t make it your problem – DATA BREACH

You better be ready Mr or Mrs Business Person because New data breach rules come into effect from 22 February 2018. These rules place an onus on business to protect and notify individuals whose personal information is involved in a data breach that is likely to result in serious harm.

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Do you use your car for work or in your business?

YES? … You should speak with us here at Paris Financial about claiming this in your Income Tax Return. But, be aware that the ATO have strict rules about what and how car use can be claimed.

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Small business restructure roll-over concessions

What happens if you are in the wrong structure? Have you ever had a chat with a colleague or mate and thought “why aren’t I doing that” or “I wish I could change the way my business works”.

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