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5 Investment Property Ownership Structures – SMSF

There are 5 major ownership structures in which you can hold investment properties, and each one has its pro’s and con’s. The fifth and final article is on investment property held in SMSF’s, not a structure that is to be taken lightly, but one that can be very advantageous for the right investor.

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SMSF Borrowing – Good News!

The government's response to the Financial System Inquiry (‘FSI’) was released today. It is good news for SMSF Borrowing!The full text of the government’s response is available at the Treasury website.

Why the Concern?
The final FSI report — released in December 2014 — recommended that the government remove the exception to the general prohibition on direct borrowing for SMSF's. More specifically, it stated that the Government should…..

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