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Allied Health

Structuring for Partners with Disproportionate Ownership

Disproportionate ownership of business’s is not uncommon, and the correct structuring for your business is critical in ensuring maximum tax benefits, flexibility for distributions, income tax and capital gains, not to mention long term asset protection for all the Partners involved.



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Great news for business people stuck in company structures!

The Government has introduced the “Tax Laws Amendment (Small Business Restructure Roll-over) Bill 2016”.

What does this mean for me?

It’s fantastic news for business owners who have been set-up in a dreaded company structure, at present this structure can be extremely difficult to transfer out of, due to capital gains tax (CGT) implications. 

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Living Estate Planning

Business Owners: Are You Inadvertently Putting Your Family Home At Risk?

As a business owner, there are plenty of things you need to manage, and two of the most important of these are assets and risks.

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