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Company Disaster

Companies are a disaster if you own a growing small business. They don’t get a 2nd Capital Gains Tax discount if they sell a business and they have the inflexibility of an old man in his first yoga class. You need your head read if you are stuck in one, but there is a way out of a company and into all the business and tax flexibility of a trust.

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It's All Your Fault Series

It’s All Your Fault – Episode 1

It’s all your fault if you are going to go into business. Don’t look for excuses, don’t rely on anyone else but yourself and close family. You have to cover off on: 1. Operations 2. Human Resources 3. Innovation 4. Finance 5. Marketing That’s one person to cover off on all these areas that are […]

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The Killer Series

The Killer – Episode 1

The Killer is dragging down Western Democracies with it’s silent destruction. I introduce it here via my Tempestuous Love Affair with the Richmond Football Club. Stay tuned to find out more about this most disgusting beast and how I intend to fix it.

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The Great Australian Nightmare Series

The Great Australian Nightmare – Episode 1

The Great Australian Nightmare is when a person with a growing small business decides to pay off their home loan and chase the Great Australian Dream. In most cases they are inadvertently paying 100’s and 1000’s too much in tax and there’s nothing sweet about that. They should be thinking the opposite. DON’T pay off […]

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Most small businesses will take out Professional Indemnity Insurance, but should you need to make a claim – watch out – you are in for a street fight!

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