Paris Financial WINS Award For Culture Excellence

On Friday 24th May, Paris Financial were announced as winners of the Diversity & Inclusion Program/Initiative of the Year Award at the 2019 Australian Accounting Awards.

Managing Director, Pat Mannix, and two accountants, Aleisha & Sarah, were present at the award ceremony in Sydney.

We are very honoured to have received recognition of our policies that enable support and inclusion for the many cultures within our diversified firm.

Thanks to the ongoing efforts of our Human Resources and Marketing/Culture teams, we have been able to develop a family-first, friendly workplace culture which is accepting of all staff.

Regardless of which gender, race or religion our staff are, we wholeheartedly intend on providing them with a warm and fulfilling experience at our firm. We are continually aiming to learn more about our staff and introduce ideas/plans that can allow them to have the same career growth opportunities as their colleagues.

Our diverse staff base has lead to a similarly diverse client base, and allowed our business to grow extensively.

We will continue to drive diversity within our industry and develop leading initiatives that allow us to not only employ staff of different races, religions and genders, but also to support them and their culture throughout their working lives.

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