The Killer Series – Part 1

Who can forget the Killers allowing Jack Riewoldt, or Jack Revolting as we call him, to belt out Mr Brightside on stage after the Tigers won the 2017 AFL GF? I can’t, it’s like another Richmond theme song that will live long in the memory of this long suffering Tigers supporter. Magic Stuff. I couldn’t help myself starting with a little self-indulgence, but it’s actually The Killer and not the Killers I wanted to focus on in this rant. The Killer is the most passive aggressive infiltration of globalisation gone wrong and it’s only attacked by little lame ducks (scribes) like myself out here in small business land having virtually no influence. But, you gotta have a go, so here goes.

The Killer puts pressure on all forms of government except those governments that allow it to infiltrate and ruin. The Killer does not choose political sides. It is not sexist, nor racist and it applies to all faiths. The Killer is slowly but surely killing us because it is creating the social divide that eventually leads to upheaval. The Killer is run by elite white collars, mainly lawyers, passively implementing the social divide that continues to creep unabated. The Killer is the enemy of small business and the middle class not to mention the lower classes. The Killer will be revealed shortly…

Pat Mannix, Partner, Paris Financial


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