Time Is Up For Dodgy Accountants

We absolutely love that the ATO has singled out the presence of about 500 dodgy tax agents in the Aussie tax community. The ATO assistant commissioner, Adam Kendrick, has recently spoke about these dodgy agents eating into market share of good quality, well trained tax agents…

“They are the ones who are gaining an unfair advantage and by doing so are increasing their market share unfairly. In this group we are seeing intentional and sustained misreporting, usually through making false deductions claims and they are generally unresponsive to our initial interventions,” said Mr Kendrick.

Mr Kendrick went on to tell all reliable tax agents to whistle blow on dodgy agents and help eradicate them from the tax landscape.

We applaud the ATO in issuing such bold language. The Australian Tax Laws are extremely complex. They should be administered by CPA and CA trained tax accountants who are thoroughly educated in tax and can apply all the laws correctly.

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