What is Certainty Advice?

Life can be rewarding. Life can be challenging. When we need to bounce over the challenges and changes that life throws at us, we need access to valuable advice that lifts our confidence and gets us going again so we feel like we aren’t just surviving.

But when it comes to financial advice, the big financial groups have lost touch with the community they are meant to serve. Thanks to their marketing messages, it’s now too hard to tell the difference between the financial advice we need, rather than the financial product they want to sell us. This leads to many of us confused, frustrated and often worse off. We believe it’s up to us to choose the best financial strategies and products to achieve more. The marketing slogans from specialist product providers are not much better because there’s a universe of difference between impartial good advice and good products.

Today, unfortunately, too many of us are going around and around, stuck in products which enrich the product providers and banks.

Advice is fundamentally a professional relationship, remunerated purely upon the value provided and never compromised by any incentive.

Our advice is different. Certainty Advice ensures you are on your best possible financial path to achieve your deep, real financial needs.

Like all professional advice, if it isn’t valuable to you, you don’t pay for it.

Paris Financial are here to sort through the useless information and provide you with specific, important facts and guidance that can assist you in your financial journey. We are focused on you and your individual needs.


For further information, contact Darren Foster at Paris Financial on 03 8393 1000.

Darren Foster, Private Wealth Advisor, Paris Financial

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